High school research paper topics

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Your research paper, and the resulting thesis statement, must be an ARGUABLE issue. Be prepared to present the actual findings of your research convincingly even if you discover that your findings differ from your personal opinions. Remember, research is objective and not a “soap box” for personal views. The following high school research paper topics have been divided by subject:

High school research paper topics on GAY MARRIAGE:

  • Same-sex adoption and access to reproductive technologies
  • Immigration rights for gay partners of citizens
  • Sodomy laws
  • Partnership benefits at state and federal institutions
  • Health care benefits and gay couples
  • Property rights and gay couples
  • Inheritance law and gay couples

High school research paper topics on HUMAN ISSUES:

  • ƒ Women in combat
  • Surrogate motherhood
  • Career vs. family

High school research paper topics on LEGAL ISSUES:

  • ƒ Censorship of student newspapers
  • Religious displays on public property
  • Affirmative action
  • Reverse discrimination
  • DNA profiling of criminals
  • Insanity defense
  • Tougher sentencing to reduce crime
  • Flag burning
  • ƒ Welfare

High school research paper topics on MASS MEDIA:

  • Does mass media shape American values?
  • Media images of Blacks
  • Privacy in the Information Age
  • Advertising: is it ethical?

High school research paper topics on MORALITY:

  • ƒ Do the ends justify the means?
  • Moral responsibility of rehabilitating criminals
  • Should the law enforce morality?
  • Animal rights
  • Do rich nations have an obligation to help poor nations?

High school research paper topics on PSYCHOLOGY:

  • Is behavior determined by biological processes?
  • Alcoholism as a disease: fact or myth?
  • Has science discredited ESP?
  • Can intelligence increase?
  • Academic instruction for preschool children
  • Daycare
  • Psychotherapy: is it effective?

High school research paper topics on TEEN ISSUES:

  • Adolescent health problems
  • Communications between parents and teens
  • Adolescent marriages
  • Adolescent suicide
  • Lack of discipline in American high schools
  • Teen pregnancy:
  • Emotional aspects
  • Psychological stresses
  • Short- and long-term affects
  • Socio-economic aspects
  • Dietary deficiencies of American teens
  • Is juvenile delinquency linked to family instability?
  • Spending/purchasing power of teens
  • Teenage alcoholism:
  • Socio-economic aspects
  • Short- and long-term affects
  • Emotional aspects
  • College vs. career
  • Runaways
  • Major causes of juvenile crime